My blog is starting with Six of Crows because I just finished the book last night. Today is the day that the decision was made to get off my bum and get this blog thing started so here we are. Although I do feel as though this choice is very fitting. As with a majority of book choices, I had no idea what I was getting into with Six of Crows. I had never heard of Leigh Bardugo. This was simply an Amazon recommended book. I definitely recommend checking her out.About Leigh Bardugo

Leigh has a series completed and available already. The series is on on my TBR list and I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival from Amazon. If you wish to dive right in from the beginning look into these. Grisha Trilogy  Although I regret that I have not read these three yet, I do not regret diving right into Six of Crows.

Six of Crows is the first book in a new series. Six of Crows If you choose to take the same path and read this first, you will be introduced to a very interesting world. A world of gambling, scheming, “witchcraft”, heartache, pain, action, and adventure. The unthinkable will become possible. Judgments will be made. The experience will leave you hungry for more.

Character development is phenomenal in this book. Leigh introduces you to six of her very close friends. They are each unique in their own right. As you gain her trust and delve further into the journey, she provides you with their struggles. She shows you the history that has turned each individual into who they are today. She shows you how they have coped with their losses, and worked to overcome the difficulties life has thrown at them. The relationships between the characters are not simple. They are complicated and messy due to the baggage carried by each and everyone of them.

Six of Crows is full of action. It is a suspenseful journey that will suck you in from the very beginning. You will spend your time wondering why Kaz is the way that he is, whether or not they will survive, and whether they even should accomplish what they are trying to achieve. There is a whole other world here waiting to be explored, and I truly hope you allow Leigh to bring you there.

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