“She met him at an unexpected time in her life. When her hands were bound and fleeing was not an option. She was blind to him at first. He steadily became visible like a thick fog on a cool summer morning, slowly taking up more and more space in her consciousness. He was just simply there. When she spoke he was present. He heard her. He saw her. He compelled her to smile before she could realize she hadn’t been. He made her comprehend what she was missing. She was drawn to the essence of him. She found herself craving his presence like she craved the warmth of the sun on her skin. He reached in to touch her. He leaned closer to kiss her. Desire written in his eyes and seeded deep in her heart. Then, just like the  fog in the sunlight, he faded away. That’s when she realized he was never really there. Just simply a dream she had dreamt.” –image Megan Groff

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