It’s surprising that I have just begun reading the Harry Potter books. I have been in love with fantasy novels for a while now, but never thought to pick up these books. After finishing the first Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone, I am in love.

It is no surprise that these books became such a huge hit. What child doesn’t want to dream of a school that teaches magic. Even more seeing a child whose life is just depressing and sad, but becomes fun of adventures.

Harry is taken away from a family that doesn’t care about him, and thrown into a place where he is loved. He is appreciated, and good at things. Even the best. He has friends, he’s great at a sport. Every child’s fantasy is created in the world that Rowling has created for us.

If you haven’t taken your Hogwarts vacation yet, I strongly encourage you to make the arrangements. I am currently on book three of the series. The new book,Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming out in July, is on preorder. The excitement cannot begin to be described.

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