“She awoke that morning with happiness and hope in her heart. The sun was clouded out by the hazy sky. The tiniest sliver of grey light crept through the windows, but her mind did not feel clouded. On this particular day she did not feel the burden of him lying next to her. Instead she felt the confidence that things had fallen where they should. On this particular morning she felt she was exactly where she belonged. Then he began to stir. He reached for her with need in his touch and desperation in his voice. It wasn’t desire he radiated for her, but a neediness that made him piteous. His explanations were filled with pathetic insecurities. Her words were meant to guide, but they only enraged. Even the anger felt desperate. Why is he so desperate? It’s all so difficult, why does he feel like he needs it? She pulled the covers back over her head and wept. Realization sunk in. She has no happiness or hope in her heart. Only a maze around her soul. A maze as hazy and clouded as the day outside her window. A maze of turmoil and insecurity she is powerless to escape. For she is truly lost and hence completely trapped.” – imageMegan Groff

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