“Illuminated by the radiance of a computer monitor he sits. Exploring another world. A world filled with attainable achievements and instant gratification. A world very different from the one he finds himself existing in. The hours creep by, his eyelids gaining weight with each ones passing. He begins a conversation with an old friend online, fulfilling his need to be connected to someone. Filling the smallest bit of the vast hole inside of him, and expelling a tiny bit of the loneliness that resides within it. As the sun begins exposing the pastels which indicate its appearance is near, he decides its time to join her. He quietly crawls into bed, sliding under the blankets next to her warm sleeping body. He does not wake her. He does not hold her. He leaves her alone, as he had when she asked him to join her hours ago. She will awake soon, to begin her day alone. He will sleep until the late hours of the afternoon have passed. They will both continue to wander through life together. Each with an immeasurable hole within them. A hole filled with rain, and swimming with loneliness.” -Megan Groff

image– Megan Groff


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I also have a couple of other poems/flash fictions. She Is Lost and The Meeting, I would love to know what you think of them.

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