I’ve spent a huge amount of time reading the last several weeks. The Harry Potter books have consumed me. I can’t wait to share my opinion of them with all of you when I’m through all seven. I’m on the sixth book now, and I’ve watched the first two movies. I am so glad that I stayed true to my commitment and waited to watch the movies until I’ve read the books.

I’ve also spent a decent amount of time trying to set up another blog. I make jewelry in some of my spare time. The time that isn’t spent working, reading, writing, taking pictures, or watching movies! I kind of enjoy keeping busy. Any way, I decided a blog might be a good way for me to showcase pieces that I currently have to sell. Megan’s Custom Jewelry I even went through and set up an Instagram for it. I love photography so much that this will be a great  excuse to play with that.

I apologize for this journal post appearing to be more of an advertisement. I am just feeling very proud of how far I’ve gotten since starting. Do any of you remember how you felt when you just started your first blog or writing adventure. How did you feel the first time you jumped into the whole social media world with your art? I feel as though it’s terrifying and invigorating all in the same sweep. I love the way everything I have pieced together looks. I also love the different comments and encouragements I’ve received from all of you along the way. Thank you so much to all of my followers. You really know how to make a gal feel all sorts a special and stuff!


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