“She needs him. She is broken and fragile, much too insecure to face the world alone. This is the mantra she recites whenever doubt creeps upon her heart. Whenever change becomes an option and the fear of it threatens to consume her. The rain showering down is clicking upon the metal air-conditioning unit outside their window. She shifts under the sheets and pulls herself closer to him. There is a feeling of longing deep inside of her. The yearning to be held and loved. She reaches for his arm as if it were a warm blanket she could wrap herself with, and hide from the world that terrifies her so. As he pulls away from her to grumble and roll over into his own seclusion, the realities wash over her as facts. She is already alone. Loneliness is the only person who has ever truly known her.”-Megan Groff

imageMegan Groff

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