Horror movies and thrillers usually spark contemplation upon the next plot twist. Some bends and turns in the road can be predicted while others can not. Even more end up going one way leaving you wishing it had gone the other. Regardless, you still find yourself at the edge of your seat in anticipation.

This is exactly the sort of story Tarryn Fisher has created in Marrow. This story is not a vacation from much of anything. It is a reminder of the evils that exist in our world. Things like poverty, abuse, depression, violence, rape, and many other unspeakable things we attempt to ignore. Tarryn is an author who aspires to pull on your emotions which is exactly what she does.

Tarryn does a wonderful job keeping you glued to the pages in anxious anticipation of what will come next. Her book is a very easy and short read well worth picking up. She has created a very interesting woman named Margo.

Margo was a child born into the center of an unthinkable things breading ground. The filth of her surroundings is shoved violently in her face, as well as yours, as you journey through this attention gripping tale. She finds herself rightfully disgusted with humanity while seeking out good where she can. Evolving from Little Debbie treats to revenge.

If you choose to embark on the journey Tarryn has created, you will also meet Judah Grant. A perfectly unexpected optimistic companion for Margo. Characters like Little Mo and Neveah will spark a fondness and a deep sympathy in your heart. You will be sucked in from the beginning all the way until the end. Confronted with some of societies abominations, I hope your find yourself humbled as I did. Thankful for the experiences unshared with this book. Even secretly wishing that there were just a few more Margo’s in the world.

image Megan Groff

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