I had an extremely eventful day today. One of my good friends’ car broke down a couple days ago. Because of this iv’e been waking up at 5:30am to bring her to work. She is a barista at Starbucks and begins work at 6am. Because of this, and the rain we’ve been experiencing since the 4th, iv’e been spending a lot of time writing and social-media-networking in the mornings.

Today was even more productive due to the dogy children I was in charge of babysitting. A co-worker had a wedding to attend, and had asked me to dog sit his four tiny furry babies. Since dog sitting really just requires a vacant minded presence, I spent a productive ten hours straight on the net.

So, what did I learn spending ten hours straight on the Internet?

I learned the Internet can be mean, but only if you let it.

I have recently created a Facebook page for this blog for sharing purposes. As an avid reader I try to join as many book club groups as I can. I have recently begun sharing my posts to some of these groups. It started out with just book reviews. These are book clubs, why wouldn’t they want to read about the latest book I loved. How much more exciting to read my rantings rather than a simple, “it was good”?

Well last night I had a wild hair up my bum, and an amazing book idea. I wrote out several pieces for it, I re-read them, I added to them. One in particular I was extremely proud of. I felt amazing about that piece. I saw the potential in it, and became extremely excited. It felt like an absolute high! I’m sure you’ve read it, Wendy. I actually have two versions of it up now. Wendy #2 stemmed from the first thing I learned spending ten hours straight on the Internet.

Still high on the adrenaline from last nights epiphany, I decided to share Wendy in all of my book club groups on Facebook. Ballsy. I know. But I was confident! That was the start of something epic!! Well a running to get my friend to her second job, swinging by Walmart for some TP to replace the paper towels I had to resort to this morning, and then back to dog sitting later-I had three different people talking about my post!

It actually ended up being two women mocking different quotes from it and joking about it being the worst thing they have ever read. This honestly made me burst out laughing. These crazy women don’t realize that they have been lucky enough to preview the, soon to be, worlds most talked about novel. I saved their names and photos of that post so that I can point this out when I’m famous.

I definitely want to say props to the admin of the group though. He’s stepped in and reminded them that the group encourages the sharing of original works and recommendations, and that it is not meant to be their shooting gallery. He also not so politely asked them if they thought they were better than the person sharing their work.

This proved to me that the Internet is only bad if you let it be. I could have shot back hateful remarks and fueled the fire, but what would that have accomplished. Instead I bit my tongue, and I have a Good Samaritan to be thankful for.

What else did I learn by spending ten hours on the Internet?

I learned blogging can make you money.

I mean obviously I know this. We would not have half of the amazing content on the Internet if people weren’t getting paid. But realistically, these aren’t one in a million things. I saw a guy using a website to basically get sponsors to pay him monthly just to simply create. He was pulling almost $500 a month. That’s insane to me.

When you think about it though, it does make sense. Rich families used to commission and sponsor artist all of the time. The Medichi family made a good portion of their legacy that way. Seeing as how the Internet has become the modern canvas, online sponsors makes a lot of sense.

The last thing I learned by spending ten hours on the Internet is the most impactful.

I learned how to become a great writer.

I stumbled across this article on another writing forum. I strongly recommend you click here and read what this man has to say. Not even just for writing. I definitely feel as this could be applied to anything you decide you want to be great at.

The overall concept is that it’s all about momentum. You have to get momentum going, and then you have to use it to improve upon and build what you have. You’ve got to be consistent and persistent.

I got my momentum going last night. That high was the exact push I needed. Because of that, I am going to post in this blog every single day from here on out. I may share improvements I have made to previous works. I may share book reviews, and I may just share random Diary entries. As long as it’s something.

I am going to write every single day. Feeding a constant desire to improve. The most imp actual thing I learned to day is something I am one-hundred percent certain of. I am going to write the next novel the whole world can’t stop talking about.

That’s a bit of what I learned from spending ten hours straight on the Internet.

image-Laura Elizabeth

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