Social Media Is My Friend (Even though I used to talk really badly about her. I have just recently realized how nice she has actually been. I hope she is willing to forgive me.)

I found this article online today and I’d really like to share it with you. Click Here

I really liked that the first item on the list is something I have been working on since this whole adventure began. Social Media. As much as I have been exploring new avenues to share my blog, I feel that I need to recognize the avenues that helped put me on this road.


I was never a big fan of social media networking. My fascination and exploration all began with Instagram. I have always loved taking pictures. Instagram allows me to make beautiful little pieces of art and share them with people all over the world. It is also a way to view images of places I can only currently dream of visiting.

When I first discovered hashtags, I was like a little child making their first friend. I don’t really know you, but you like me? How exciting!!!! I shared an image from my local vape shop, and did a whole mess of vaping hashtags. The likes started pouring in. By pouring, I mean like thirteen in total. To me, that was huge!! Thirteen random strangers like the photo I took!

This has escalated into a full on hobby. I am always out looking at the world with the lends of my camera in mind. As you know, I usually use these images as cover photos for my posts. Sometimes I look for a way to take a photo that will go with a post. Other times, I have this amazing image that I love, so I figure out something to write that will go with the image. This has really been a helpful tool.


Goodreads has been a very good friend of mine since my journey with Patrick Rothfuss and The Name of the Wind. About halfway through that book I was so in love with reading again it was unbelievable. I wanted to read everything, and I wanted to write a book that was just as much of an epic tale as the one that I was reading.

I was siting at our local bar/dinner with my boyfriend at the time. He always wanted to go there to visit his friends, and I was perpetually bored. Unless of course, I got drunk enough to socialize. Seeing as how I do not prefer to live in a hungover state, the discovery that Kvothe was much more interesting than my surroundings became pivotal.

I pulled out my phone and started searching for book sharing things. Luckily google new what I was after even though I didn’t. Goodreads was at the top of my search, and I swiftly made an account with the excitement equal to a health nut walking into Whole Foods for the first time. I was hooked. I had to try to recall every book I had ever read up until this point. I wanted to read reviews, I wanted to see if there were other books like the one that I was currently reading. This is also the outlet that inspired the idea for book reviews. I now include them on my Goodreads.


Facebook is a nasty little time waster that I hate but, like the majority of humanity, cannot stay off of. About two years ago me and two other friends decided that we were going to start a book club. One of us decided on Flowers in the Attic as our book of choice, and one of us started a book club group on Facebook.

Now this group was originally an epic fail. I ended up finishing the book in one night because I suck and couldn’t put it down. One of us is an extremely slow reader, and the other was upset that I had already finished the book. Yes, I am now aware that this was bad. Whoops.

Anyway, the group remains online even though we had pretty much abandoned the idea. Well, talking to a few other people at work I discovered more bibliophiles and invited them to our group. I shared a link to the article that lead me to the Name of the Wind, and it snowballed from there. Now it is a little forum for about twenty of us to share books we are reading, books we want to read, book related articles, and my glorious book reviews.

As you know, I have now expanded on this little nugget of information. My blog has its own Facebook page. I have joined about ten different book groups, and I randomly share posts from my blog to them. Just another little piece of social media networking I never would have thought to explore.

I look back at these and other little things that have happened, and I fell like they have pushed me onto this path. Logically I’m sure the skeptic would say that they are simply thoughts and connections made after the path was chosen. However, I can sometimes be one of those crazy “everything happens for a reason”, “there is such a thing as fate”, and “it was meant to be” types of people. Because of this, I see all of these circumstances as the universe’s way of guiding me. Guiding me towards writing my big epic tale!!

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