Wendy always thought she was attractive even when she very obviously wasn’t. There were times that she would shove six Captain Morgan shots down her throat and feel like it made her look hot. She knew that it only made her look like a slut and a drunk, but she still pretended that it didn’t. She would see all of these other People getting wasted and sluting themselves around and think, “When in Rome.”

Unfortunately, Wendy wanted to be better than all of them so she hated herself for her actions the next day. She would then inflict her own silent Catholic style guilt, and withdraw into a distant depression. She spent a lot of time consumed by shame, guilt, and regret. Looking back, Wendy realized that she was simply acting out the crazy eccentric side of her she spent so much energy hiding from the world.

When Wendy drank, she had confidence. She was a conversationalist. One who knew everything and would argue her point to the death. There was a point after a long fight with Marty, that he was thinking about allowing them to get back together. He liked to make her suffer for a while after her drunken outbursts. Even though he had plenty of his own belligerent nights. Anyway, he had asked his father what he thought. Jimbo said that he didn’t much care for Wendy. His reasoning being that she always acts like she knows everything.

It was no surprise that Marty’s father, Jimbo, would think that of her. He was a middle aged, barley working, barely done anything with his life, small town, alcoholic. It really wouldn’t take much to know more than him. Especially for someone who has experienced as much as Wendy had. It wasn’t until years later that Wendy perfected the art of keeping her mouth shut around the ignorant.

You see, Wendy wasn’t the fastest of learners. She would make the same mistake quite a few times over before she would learn that she shouldn’t be doing the thing in which she was doing. However, once the lesson was learned, it was never forgotten. She learned that simple people could not handle her complexity. She learned that simple people don’t have any desire to learn from the experiences of others. They have no desire to share and build. They simply believe what they know and have seen, they could care less what you have seen or know to be true. This is why simple people remain simple. You simply can’t tell them anything.

image-Laura Elizabeth

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