I had a couple of girlfriends over last night after work. We’re all servers at a local steak house. Because of this, I can promise you that after working on a Sunday, there is nothing better than getting together with friends and a bottle of whisky. I can also promise you that I’m feeling a little under the weather today as a result! However, the great conversations, the chance to unwind, and the opportunity to connect with friends were well worth the cloudy head, lack of energy, and overall poopy feeling.

I truly enjoy connecting with people. To me, sitting down with someone and having a conversation can be much like reading a book. It’s a window into their story. If you listen and encourage someone, you get a chance to see what has made them who they are today. You are also given the opportunity to influence someones life.

Every interaction requires a decision to be made. You have to decide wether you are going to help this person grow or hurt them instead. Everyone may not agree with me and you are obviously entitled to your own opinion here. As with anything I write about, these are simply my thoughts and feelings. Think about it though.

When you have a conversation with someone there are multiple ways it can go. The person you are speaking to will share a thought with you. Your reaction will end up either affirming that thought, or make them question it.

When you laugh at an inappropriate or hurtful joke, you’re telling that person that its ok to be mean. If someone shares something that they feel like is exciting in their life, you’re crushing that excitement if you don’t share their enthusiasm. People can be made to feel extremely special and even loved simply by showing a genuine interest in who they are as a person. Every time someone chooses to talk with you or spend time with you, they’re giving you an opportunity to love them.

I read a very amazing quote a few days ago. I don’t remember the exact words even though they were beautiful. They basically said that people can reach amazing heights and become the absolute best versions of themselves when they are loved for who they are. Now I am aware that we all have some pretty unloveable traits. That doesn’t mean that we should focus in on each others and point them out. Instead lets focus on each others lovable traits. Lets love each other for who we are and encourage each others amazing qualities. Maybe we can all start growing into a little bit better versions of ourselves. How have you loved someone recently?

image-Megan Groff

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