Sarah Doughty Is a creative writer who has taken an interest in my work since day one. For this I am extremely grateful. Honesty is the best policy, so I’ll be honest.

I’ve wanted to write since I can remember ever wanting to do anything. Self esteem has never been one of my strengths. This has always caused a tornado of doubt to blow away any writing piece I have ever started since I can remember ever writing anything. Sarah has helped me begin to construct a storm shelter. She had such a kind reaction to my first appearance online. She still continues to read and comment on the ridiculousness that I share. All of these things are so huge for me. Each little piece of encouragement and experience she shares is forming a shelter, and allowing me to keep going.

Sarah, thank you! Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for helping me to build a storm shelter for the tornado of doubt and insecurity.

Everyone who ever happens to read this, Sarah is amazing. She is so thoughtful and kind. Please show her the same love and support she is showing to others. She deserves it so much. Check her out!

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