Alice has always fascinated me. Every thing about the writings are so inventive, creative, and imaginative that it blows my mind. Especially if you sit down and really think about these facts.

1.) Alice’ Adventures in Wonderland has been inspiring gorgeous works of art for over 151 years!!

2.) It is a publication that is still being produced in film 151 years after it’s first publication

It absolutely blows my mind that people do not realize this. I understand that you are not all bibliophile’s. I’m a bit of an oddity, and I get that. However, I am also the sort of individual who has always aspired to be different. I haven’t so much aspired to be different as I have wanted to be epic. To be amazing, different, exceptional, and epicly extraordinary. I want to be known for the different things I bring into people’s lives. I do, however, want to make sure that each and every one of those things has a positive and expanding quality to it. That is why I am such an adamant fan of Alice in wonderland.

Lewis Carrol stories may have gone against just about every literary norm imaginable, but they have more than withstood the test of time. I mean lets be honest? How many Authors can claim a print to film release the same year as the original publications 151’st birthday? – Well, none. Lewis Carrol is dead, but still.

3.) Alice has inspired countless creative works

Alice is such an odd-ball story, everyone wants to work with it. You definitely can’t blame anyone for that, but you can thoroughly enjoy what they’ve come up with. Yes, most of you have experienced the movie adaptions. The original Disney, and later with Tim Burton’s magical touch. Their are still countless literary works that stem from Alice. Nearing over 200 in the years since the first. – How phenomenal is that?

4.) Lewis Carrol’s collections did not begin as written literature

You can’t skate past a writing feed anywhere with out having some version of the, “You have to sit down and write to be a writer.”, fancy smancey quote shoved in your face 100 times. If Lewis Carrol were alive today, which he is not, he would tell you that this is a lie. His stories were all made up, verbally, from his own imagination, all to entertain his close friends daughters. His friend had three young daughters. The oldest of which finally convinced him to start trying to write them down. His story wasn’t written until he already had his fans. – Hmmm. Can we see why you should love Alice for this? Because thats impressive, why else.

5.) Alice turned into a literary controversy

When Sigmond Freud began hatching his entirely too risqué for the time theories Alice’s symbolism came into play. A political satire, a psychological interpretation, and a drug song later. We now have today’s many interpretations of a simple children’s story. An absolute literary phenomena.

6.) The quotes are timeless and memorable

“Chapter One, down the rabbit hole.” That is simply the title of the first chapter, but the term down the rabbit whole is globally recognized today. It is listed in the UrbanDictionary as entering a state of confusion. Where do you think that concept came from. The confusion and blur that is Alice’ Adventure in Wonderland. I may share a list of more and more of these examples further down the road. For now, I would say that’s a pretty good reason all by itself.

7.) Alice proves mathematicians have some complex imaginations

This last one I am quite fond of, and truly believe you should count as a reason to love Alice. You know darn well that, unless you are a mathematician with a personality or know of one, you pretty much assume they don’t. Math is boring so mathematicians must be too. Lewis Carroll was a well known and established mathematician. -I don’t know about you, but that revelation made me feel a little bit closer to some of our other past geniuses. If Albert Eighstein had three small children to play storyteller for, who knows what gems literacy might have today.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to love the legacy of Alice?

image-Laura Elizabeth