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7-13 Coming Down From my Social Media Networking High

As you all know, I have been social media networking like crazy this past week. Yes I have still been working on my writing as well. The internet hasn’t completely consumed my soul. Yet. It has come pretty close. Especially the adrenaline rush I received from discovering the endless possibilities on twitter.

When I first set up our blog sites twitter page, it was like walking through the gates of lalapalooza. I am walking into this big huge party where everyone is talking, showing each other stuff, laughing about things, and I’m just standing in awe of the madness wondering where I fit in. There is so much going on around me that I feel like I’m buried in an avalanche of information while digging for relevancy.

I have found several, “How to make your blog popular,” articles. I have explored about ten different forums for blogging and sharing work. I have personally thanked every single twitter follower I have gained. This last thing is beginning to become very tedious, and I’m wondering if this is something people even do?

While trying to navigate through the cluttered fog that is the internet, I believe I am starting to see a lighthouse of clarity. There are a million ways to advertise your site. There are a million different outlets for me to shove my website down your throats. In my mind, that’s kinda silly. I mean yeah, I definitely want people to see my work. I want to know what people think. I want to know where I can improve, and what I’m doing well so far. I just don’t think forcing my current mediocrity level writing onto a bunch of unfortunate eyes is the way to do it.

I am very curious about Quora. I’m wondering if any of you have any experience with it. What are your thoughts? You see, I’m kind of wondering if this would be a really good outlet for me. I want to practice my writing in a public forum while working on my book. I want to be able to receive feedback on my thoughts and the way a write. I also want to be able to build up a community of people who are interested in what I have to say so that I’m not forcing myself upon anyone. Writing responses on Quora seems to be a good way to do all of this. I’m just wondering if any of you might have some real world experiences you can share about it that might burst my idealistic bubble.

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