The Trouble With Lexie is a roller coaster of female emotions directed by the talented author Jessica Anya Blau. Lexie is a thirty-three year old woman in love with her perfectly sweet finance.

“‘Hey.’ Lexie tossed her phone onto her purse. She met him halfway between the seats to exchange what she intended to be a quick angry kiss. But Peter didn’t let her pull away. He took his long, lean arm, wrapped it around Lexie’s head, and guided her in closer for another, softer, kiss. When she tried to pull back from that, he kissed her again. Lexie’s eyes shut and she felt herself exhaling some anger. ‘Hey,’ Lexie said again. She felt a little better about him. About being stuck with a piece of shit Saab and the sex-offender van.” – The Trouble With Lexi by Jessica Anya Blau

This book teaches a resounding be thankful for what you have lesson as the entitlement that accompanies money runs a whirlwind through Lexie’s life. The trouble with Lexie is that she wants to be good. Working as the school counselor at a prestigious  private school, Lexie encounters a lot of money and privilege. She has an outgoing and eccentric friend named Amy, and she allows the Yahtzee gods to make most of her important decisions.

“‘Well?’ Amy nodded toward the phone that Lexie was shoving back into her purse. ‘What did Our Father who art in Yahtzee say?’

‘Roll with the crush, go to Frito Friday.’

‘You are what my momma would call Hayseed. That’s Southern for shit-all crazy.'”-The Trouble With Lexie by Jessica Anya Blau

Jesica does a beautiful job illustrating the inside of a young woman’s mind with her writing. Her ability to allow you to feel the characters emotions glues you to the pages. Forcing you to grow angry with Lexie, yet pity her at the same time. All the while Jessica uses the humor of Lexie and Amy’s personalities to keep you laughing and thoroughly entertained.

“‘I have better legs than my dad.’ Lexie turned so her legs weren’t under the bar. ‘He was all bloated in the belly and he had these chicken legs sticking out.’ She kicked up her right foot and her silver sandal flew across the room. It skimmed a guy’s shoulder before landing on the ground. The guy picked up the shoe. He turned around, trying to see where it had come from. Lexie attempted invisibility by blowing on her nails as if she’d just had a manicure. When she looked up, the guy was engaged in conversation, her shoe sitting casually on the bar next to his beer.”-The Trouble With Lexie by Jessica Anya Blau

Once you’ve picked this read up, you’re stuck. Jesica will dig her talons into you with her quirky humor and in your face adversity. You won’t be able to tear away until you know what happens to Lexie.

Book Title: The Trouble With Lexie  (Follow link to order on Amazon)

Pages: 309     Started reading: 7/26/16  Finished reading: 7/29/16

Author: Jessica Anya Blau (Follow link to see the author’s Amazon page)

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