The Soul

Reading a book can be a vacation designed for you by the demons and saviors existing inside another individuals mind. Each character revealing secrets as their soul is laid out eloquently across the pages of their story.

Exploring a book is an investigation into your own mind and soul as well. Your interpretations being riddled with whispers of the thoughts and desires that live buried within you.

The spoken word can be just as revealing. Skipping through the chaos of the surrounding world, conversations prove hellaciously more grueling to decipher. The written word lays nakedly upon a bed awaiting your exploration.

Study the pieces an individual writes, and you will learn how they think. Text waits patiently for you to uncover pieces of a writer’s soul from their locution, divulging components of yourself within your understanding of them.

This is the kind of story that doesn’t make any sense. Confusing your senses in a way only another mind can, it will dance in circles across your computer screen. This tale telling is a viper slithering back and fourth through your mind.

Ground Floor