Laura Elizabeth was born into a family whose entire existence appeared to be based around a goal of raising a family. Her father swiftly moved her and her mother to the southern belt of their quiet little state as soon as his control appeared threatened by the inlaws.

Landing a job as a salesman allowed for a smooth transfer into a different market. Aunt and cousin nearby, Laura was not meant to grow up lonely. This did not mean she didn’t, in fact, do exactly that.

This solitude and isolation has proven quite useful in Laura’s later years as a writer. As a child though, these benefits could not be detected causing her eccentric tendencies to be viewed as bad signs.

Laura’s mother had always wanted to be a mother. She dated a wild guy for a few years and got her heart broken into pieces and scattered across a dirt floor where they were later ran over by a freight train.

This lead her to choose the safe path in the future. That’s exactly what she did when she met Laura’s Father. He was safe.

He chased her around every which way while leaping through hoops and making an overall ass of himself. Father was always coming around to help mother with her mother.

He’d spend evenings wasted at mothers house. She’d kick him out until caving to his charms while he serenaded her through her bedroom window fan. Apparently sound effects really did it for her back then.