As a child Laura spent much more time with her imagination than she did with actual people. Picking lilacs from their bush out back, Laura would pretend the flowers were meant for her fairy princess crown as she wove them together. If only the thirty year old Laura could find such simple joys.

Her mother was always inside busying herself with the household chores. Maintaining a clean house, keeping up with the laundry, and having dinner on the table for her husbands arrival were always her top priorities.

These priorities swiftly shifted when the salesmanship stopped bringing home the goods. Mother took a job at a daycare center while they both picked up a paper route. Mother couldn’t decide if she hated this, or borrowing money from relatives worse.

The stress began to show whenever Laura did something to her mothers disliking. Patience and understanding were now replaced with hatred and utter disgust. These feeling would soon be replaced with sheer fear.

Laura Elizabeth was four years old when her mother became pregnant with a son. She would be five years old and headed off to her first day of kindergarten when brother was brought home from the hospital.