Her mother’s pregnancy seemed to bring the house back to life. It was as if it had been dormant for years and had quite a lot to say. The houses first act of communication was to shoot the toaster through the window of the screen door one morning at breakfast.

Laura was a bit to young to remember much, but she always loved hearing her father tell the stories of their haunted house. He claimed multiple encounters with a strange voice. Including a particularly disturbing one involving not only the voice, but a battle with control of the fan in the parents bedroom.

The story of this particular situation would be retold over and over again. Fueling most of Laura’s obsession with horror movies and anything supernatural, friends and boyfriends would bring her to a cemetery or an abandoned home she had found.

Each time she would explain how her father had turned the fan on high only to have the turn dial clicked over three times and into the off position. Her father’s voiced frustration at the third occurrence of this situation was met with a hello that sounded as if it had emerged from a dark tunnel within the depths of hell itself.

She would later explain the discovery of a tombstone while helping her father dig the groundwork for dog kennels off the side of their garage. This would lead to the explanation of the discovery of the homes history.