Being in a rather difficult relationship for the past two years has really put some things into perspective for me. As you know, my passion is photography as well as writing. Working on this website has been a savior to me since it’s beginning.

We are still struggling to discover the path this site will take. Much in the same way that I am struggling to figure out which path my life will be taking. Three years ago I was pursuing a degree. I had also just met a guy who seemed like he may be in my life for quite sometime.

Three short years, two breakups, and a move later, I am no longer in school. I’m in a new town, and I’m single at thirty. By now I would have imagined I’d be sending my second child to kindergarten. I expected to already be married to the love of my life, and dreamed we would be making mortgage payments. I didn’t imagine paying rent myself for a little house in which only I reside.

Like anything, this current situation came as a bit of a shock at first. After an initial breakdown and a couple weeks hiatus, I’ve regained my composure. Coming to a fork in the road presented me with two options. Be very depressed about my current predicaments, or be very excited.

I have decided to be excited. Life is exactly what you make it right? I believe that it is. I believe my excitement can only lead to the production of something absolutely gorgeous. Instead of being sad over a loss, I’ve chosen to anticipate all of the gains that are possible in my future.

I’m not completely sure where I’m headed much in the way that I’m not sure what direction this site will take. However, I am entirely certain that I’m excited to find out. Im choosing to embrace the path I’m on and trust that it will lead me exactly where I’m supposed to be. After all, it’s already gotten me this far.