Apparently this small little town used to have a very prominent church which used to reside in the field behind their olive green home. This popular church cared for a rather large cemetery which used to reside within the plot of land now containing Laura’s childhood residence.

Kingsunday was the kind of town that didn’t believe in excavating bodies. This was the type of town that felt it much better to build a home directly on top the the bodies. And so they brought in some dirt and they laid a foundation.

On top of this foundation their little three bedroom ranch home was constructed. The garage was attached, the shag carpet was lain, and the home was placed on the market. As an unsuspecting couple in their early twenties, and with a two year old daughter and a promising salesmanship career, Mother and Father couldn’t resist scooping it up.

The home was beautifully silent until the beginning signs of Mother’s Pregnancy. Laura’s sleep wained as it was interrupted more and more with her mother’s passing trimesters.

Dreams were interrupted by a dark figure hovering over Laura’s bed. Feelings of suffocation shook her awake time and time again. Even their pet doberman began sensing a presence. Barking at seemingly empty rooms, the dog quickly became more of a nuisance than a joy.