It soon became very clear that Laura would develop a rather unhealthily obsession with death and the undead. The concepts of pain, blood, and torture excited her in a way nothing else could.

She began a mission to view every horror movie possible. These would later be explained as research for her horror novels. These same explanations would be used after displaying an awkward excitement at an opportunity to photograph a rather disturbing or secluded cemetery.

These excursions soon became a qualification to being a part of her life. Agreeing to and enjoying one of these trips being a right of passage for anyone she wished to hold dear. Refusing this honor was a sure fire way to disappear in the eyes of Laura Elizabeth.

Her mothers exceedingly strong ability to shut out the world for days at the slightest offense only strengthened Laura’s ability to make people completely disappear from her mind. Her mother had done it to her for years after all. It was inevitable she would pick up the art.