Laura was a bit of an eccentric child. One which her parents couldn’t quite seem to comprehend. Incomprehension would soon begin to transform into a rather uneasy feeling. These uneasy feelings surrounding Laura would eventually turn into suspicions of full on insanity.

Little oddities had always confused her father. He believed there was something wrong with Laura’s uncontrollable urge to eat dirt when she was three. He would find her outside with blackened teeth and soil covered fingers.

Laura would always choose to deny her transgression even as the dirt particles would crumble from her chin. Father would shout his concerns for the stability of his daughters head to Mother. Mother would explain the complete normalcy of a small child putting things they should not into their own mouths.

You see, in the beginning, Laura’s mother spent a lot of time defending Laura’s little personalities flaws. Mother took great pride in her daughter and saw absolutely nothing wrong with her.

Her father was the first to vocalize suspicions and questions of Laura’s sanity. These vocalizations began small, but they would eventually grow into screams, screams that her mother would find herself unable to ignore.