Father came home from work once in the summer to find his daughter sitting in the front yard unsupervised. She was surrounded by several small sticks that had been inserted into the ground.

Laura had been building a city in her mind. The sticks were outlines of buildings and streets within the town. Her father did not understand this. To him it looked like she was creating some kind of demented cemetery. This was only a mild disturbance in comparison to the one that would really set her father off.

He would explain this story over and over throughout the years to anyone Laura was stupid enough to bring home. He would marry her cemetery style stick planting tales with stories of her homemade stickers. These were actually syrup packet wrappers that she would attach to the walls of her bedroom. These stories would entertain the family for years to come.

Laura’s Father did not realize how undisturbing these little oddities were until he was faced with a much more disturbing situation. This particular situation would never be joked about at later dates.