Shortly after this particular Saturday Mother arranged for Laura to see a Doctor. Laura protested that she wasn’t sick and therefore did not need to see a Doctor. Mother then explained that this was not the sort of Doctor you went to when you weren’t feeling well. This was the sort of Doctor you visited when you needed someone to talk to.

This would be the first of many Doctors of this sort Laura would eventually find herself across from. She always enjoyed herself and was left wishing the visits could last just a bit longer. It was such a strange feeling to have someones undivided attention when she spoke.

Laura also found a certain security in being able to communicate confidentially with another human being. Yes reports and diagnoses would have to be shared with her parents of course. However, the specifics and details she shared were required by law to be kept between her and her Doctor. Laura’s mind raced with possibilities when this legality was explained to her for the first time. Oh the endless possibilities.