Sitting in the garage like that was when she realized that every person and every memory, every action, was simply a character in her story. a story she was writing as she went along. You see Wendy had an epiphany at age twenty-eight. This epiphany was later questioned, yet, proven at age twenty-nine. This is when Wendy realized that she was one hundred percent in control of her life. She could influence and mold individuals in her mind in a way that turned them into the exact characters she wanted them to be.

Wendy and Tom weren’t always a source of security and familiarity. When Wendy and tom first began dating they spent a lot of time out at the local bars. Tom spent a few of his previous years in love with Kitty. Kitty was one of the bar-tenders at their local watering hole. At a later point Tom would list off multiple reasons that he was no longer in love with Kitty. This point would then be reiterated in abundance any time the subject was even remotely danced around.

At this point in their relationship, Wendy fed on this sort of contradictory behavior. Tom’s lack of sympathy and understanding created a sort of animosity for her. This animosity allowed Wendy to stay uncommitted and aloof in her relationship. She was much to insecure to feel like he would want to be with her long. She was convinced that once he really knew her, he would leave. It wasn’t until later on that she realized she had created this conviction and that conviction had created her reality.

She continued to approach this issue. She would talk to Tom about her feelings. She would do everything that she could think of to express her insecurities about the subject. She firmly believed that his inability to reassure her there was no problem was a verification that he didn’t care about her. A validation of her deep seeded feelings of inadequacy.

Tom continued to avoid the issue. In the magical land of Tom, Wendy’s pleas for compassion were aggressive demands battering him into a constricting cage of restrictions. You see, Tom is a bit of a drama queen. Tom has a pesky habit of over-reacting, and a slight tendency to behave with highly feminine emotional reactions. Again this was a character profile she had been constructing for her story. The story that is Wendy’s life.

image Laura Elizabeth