Samantha walked towards the counter after hearing the bells chime from movement at the front door. As the woman approached, Samantha smiled and asked, “The feature?”

“Yes please, and a newspaper as well,” responded the woman.

Samantha began brewing the packing espresso. She connected it and allowed it to brew while adding the raspberry and white chocolate syrups to the oversized blue coffee cup. Laurell rang the woman up and took her card while Samantha added the brewed espresso to the ginormous mug and began frothing the milk.

The woman went towards the front of the building to grab a paper from one of the racks next to one of the little nooks wedged behind the front windows. Samantha topped her cup with the frothed milk, giving it a creative leaf design. She handed it to the woman as she approached. The woman took the cup and her pepper and walked out to one of the patio tables with an umbrella.

The only other person on the patio was the silent homeless man who collected remnants of cigarettes from the ground and rolled them into new. Samantha had worked at that coffee shop for three years since moving to Chambana. She’d seen that man wondering the alley everyday the weather made being outside acceptable. He had never spoken a word until that particular day. The police ended up being called to calm him down and ask him to leave.

Samantha was the one to call the cops after her failed attempts at soothing the deranged old man. He came flying in through the back door, connected to the patio, waving a big blue coffee cup.

He was screaming, “The cup didn’t break, she might be inside!” over and over again like a crazed shriek being played from a skipping record. He tripped over two of the smaller tables along the wall on his way to the barista counter and sent them flying.

He stood with one hand on the counter as he lifted himself high enough to stretch the hand with the cup over the counter and into her face. He wasn’t violent about it. It was more like he was trying to show her the inside of the cup.

Laurell attempted to calm the old man for ten minutes while his bleeding record continued to skip. All the while pleading the cup in front of her face. Finally she waved the white flag and asked Samantha to call the cops. The old man begged the cops with….

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