I’ve gone over my limit the last five days. So tonight I’m going to excorsize until I’ve reached my calorie count. I want to make this a daily habit going forward from here. Along with documenting my days achievements and actions.

Hunter and I went to hobby lobby and I got two more black pens for my journals. I’m going to go back to the basic black for all of my notebooks for a while. I’ve been distracting myself enough all on my own. I don’t need a bunch of festive colors to make it worse.

I’m halfway through my second spotted cow. That’s probably the reason I’m feeling a little dizzy only thirteen minutes in. It feels good to know that I’m owning the calories I’ve over consumed today. Forcing myself to burn them off is forcing me to own the failure of my goal. I’m hoping this will help condition and strengthen my willpower.

I need to improve my focus if I’m going to finish this book. I’ve been distracting myself with everything under the sun. I am not entirely unhappy with this as every distraction has been extremely productive in every other avenue of my life. But I’ve still not spent the time on writing as I should have.

I want to get better at making myself do the things I need to do when I need to do them. Although, I suppose it is a conundrum. I’m sitting on this bike attempting to work off the calories I over ate today when I should be sitting in my office, working in my book.

I am watching a pretty good movie though. It’s about a boy who was born completely mutilated and disfigured. He was homeschooled up until the start of middle school. It’s pretty interesting.

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