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Articles and Blogs Ive Enjoyed

I am just getting started with my vision. I firmly believe in my own potential and the potential of this site. My vision is reaching the level of success that will allow me to contribute to other individuals’ creative growth. I currently strive to positively impact as many individuals as I can on a day to day basis. I have always operated on the belief that nothing gets improved by complaining about it. If I want to improve this world, I need to focus on positive contributions. In order to encourage and share newly productive creative minds like myself, I will be publishing new bloggers articles on this page. Please comment your favorite piece bellow. Make it something you would like featured here. Something that showcases your work and writing style. Im looking forward to reading and discussing all of your pieces.

Here is an example. I pieced this together for one of my “day one followers”


Him- By Heartstring Eulogies


A Sample featured piece. 20160318133803-email-gmail-internet-computer It’s True; Writers are the Worst Procrastinators. Do You Agree? (For Writing, Book, Journal Bloggers & More) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Make Your Creative Contribution Today

After sharing your personal favorite of your own writing, stop to read someone else’s. Find one thing that you love about their writing and tell them about it!



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