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The Soul

Reading a book can be a vacation designed for you by the demons and saviors existing inside another individuals mind. Each character revealing secrets as their soul is laid out eloquently across the pages of their story.

Exploring a book is an investigation into your own mind and soul as well. Your interpretations being riddled with whispers of the thoughts and desires that live buried within you.

The spoken word can be just as revealing. Skipping through the chaos of the surrounding world, conversations prove hellaciously more grueling to decipher. The written word lays nakedly upon a bed awaiting your exploration.

Study the pieces an individual writes, and you will learn how they think. Text waits patiently for you to uncover pieces of a writer’s soul from their locution, divulging components of yourself within your understanding of them.

This is the kind of story that doesn’t make any sense. Confusing your senses in a way only another mind can, it will dance in circles across your computer screen. This tale telling is a viper slithering back and fourth through your mind. This is ParallelLookingGlass

Ground Floor

ParallelLookingGlass is a website designed to fulfill the needs of an aspiring novelist on her quest to produce her debut. By following alone, you’re sponsoring an artist with your support. There is no consistency to this websites’ content.

Posts are published on no particular schedule, and with no consistent theme. Subscribing to this website will allow you a glimpse inside the production of a novel. The inconsistency may seem sporadic at first.

The posts may seem like separate pieces all by themselves. Although, over time they will begin to reflect back upon themselves in an all encompassing pattern. Much like the image created by parallel looking glasses.

Feel free to inquire about a character that intrigues you. This is ground floor construction. Your questions may inspire a change in personality.

The thoughts and opinions expressed on this website vary as well. Some are written as thoughts presented as they would flow from a potential character. Some of them are glimpses into the minds of the contributors themselves.

Long story short, this website should be viewed entirely as a creative writing project. Any perceived resemblance to the contributors or the people in the contributor’s lives is purely coincidence.

The pieces are being shared to keep a writer writing. Each new comment, like, share, and follow is a reminder to keep going. There is a story to be told, and telling it requires dedication. Dedication is strengthened with the support you provide.

Every thing has happened before, somewhere and to someone. Writing is connecting the observations of these events into a story worth reading. That’s what ParallelLookingGlass is. Follow to be involved in the creation of a debut novel.

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